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About Jaywalking.

Manuela Dalle and Jean Martin met two years ago in Los Angeles.
One project led to another and before they knew it, a partnership had been formed.​

Jaywalking is the home of this collaboration.
The aim is to keep it simple, light and efficient while growing a competitive network with people and brands that we enjoy collaborating with...

Manuela Dalle has made numerous feature length documentaries about artists for European TV.

She also directs commercials, branded content and collaborations in a purely creative way, always with a strong connection with art and artist.

Jean Martin is a seasoned producer with extensive knowledge of Los Angeles but also taking productions to Iceland, Fiji, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Peru, Mexico City and many more places. He also speaks multiple languages.


Thanks to our vast experiences in the art world, we propose original content in order to help you talk about your projects and your artists. 

Embracing TV, networks, social media, websites, internal content and artistic installation,  we propose and collaborate with you to communicate your message through effective and powerful short and long form films.


Jaywalking takes great pride in offering a full production service for all types of production led by the nicest team of people in Los Angeles. As a collective we can structure ourselves for a production of 3 or 300 crew while keeping costs competitive.

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